Fur Coats

Many people love buying and wearing fur. They are considered the most popular winter attire for centuries and are looked up to as prized possession. Fur coats ⭐ add spice to your outfit and are amongst the most favorite winter clothing of all time. Fur has many varieties and styles, which you can add to your outfit. However, if your fur coat has no label, you can still identify it through some tips, which we will discuss. How to identify types of fur coats?

People wear fur coat mainly because it adds class and beauty to their outfit and it is long-lasting. Fur is the only winter wardrobe that will stay with you for decades if you store it properly. It is timeless and can maintain beauty while the other fashion trends come and go. Therefore, if you take proper care of your fur coat, you can even pass it down to the next generations. Fur coats come in different types. You can easily identify the type of fur by looking at its tag. However, if the tag is missing, you can identify the type of fur with the help of its texture and appearance.

Fur coats come from different animal skins like rabbits, minks, foxes, raccoons, and otters. The price of a real fur depends mainly on the type of animal it comes from. Fur coats always stay in fashion, and you can easily style them in different ways. It is a unique piece of winter clothing, which can give you dynamic looks. You can style them with casual ripped jeans as well as with a formal evening gown.

Every animal has a different fur type and requires different storage and cleaning processes. Some animals are small in size but provide the warmest fur. Such furs are usually expensive and require a lot of care. It all depends on the type of fur because a rare animal’s fur coat will be more expensive as compared to the others.

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